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Financial literacy is still an unfamiliar domain to the millennials. Why is it so, that you and I and most of our closest friends are unaware and indifferent and are seemingly afraid of investing? Is it because of the prevailing stigma attached to monetizing, veiling our vision, that we insist on relegating the thought process of investing in stocks, real estate or any other legitimate source of assets, to the later years?

What could be the reason behind the mysteries of the financial sector that haunts a novice to explore the services it has in store?

The education system and the scarce, open and genuine discussions on the primary front i.e at homes, schools, colleges and other social groups can be considered to be the cause of this estrangement towards loans and credit structure. The failure to explain the importance of managing expenses, investing in the right commodities-assets and the credit structure instills the fear of incurring losses and perpetuates fallacies, which keeps us aloof to even give investing a thought. …



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